"Andreas mixed the 100-piece Russian piece Symphony Orchestra and Choir which I recorded in Moscow for "Gagarin First in Space". Andreas was extremely knowledgable, fun and professional when we were mixing in 5.1, but I also came to trust him to come up with amazing out-of-the-box audio solutions. Thanks again - will be coming back!"  George Kallis, Composer

Whether it is for composing original music scores, mixing and sound design or even simple studio voice recordings, eleven63 always delivers outstanding quality with the same passion and attention to detail. Michalis Kalopedis, Zedem Media

"Recording with eleven63 was both an interesting and productive experience as I felt that my own needs and aesthetics was blended with the expert's excellent knowledge and experience on recording for the best possible result. Thank you Andreas..." Michalis Kouloumis, violinist

"We have been working with eleven63 for over 5 years now in anything studio-related and we are now getting ready to record our first album with them... The aesthetic of Andreas and Mikaela is not only unique but also multi-faceted, and you can count on them to come up with the solution on every aspect of the project at hand, whether it concerns the technical or musical side of things" The Zilla Project