Recording Music

Your music deserves the best recording possible. eleven63 is not just rooms full of high-end gear. We have the experience and the expertise to bring your music to life. We are proud musicians ourselves, we've been on both sides of the glass, we know exactly how to treat a solo musician, a live recording band or a singer-songwriter.    

Mixing / Mastering

We love balance, we strive for individuality, we appreciate detail and we always treat our mixes with all of the above, whether it's an acapella track, a 50-minute concept album, post-production for a short film, or a demanding orchestral recording mixed in 5.1 surround.

Sound Design / Foley

You've worked hard to finish your latest film or animation. We will work just as hard to push it a step further with a detailed and high-quality sound design, using our library of sound fx and our imaginative foley recording skills to accomodate your visuals.

On Location Recording

We love recording music on location. If you feel that your music cannot be performed in the studio, we have the gear and the experience to record your music on location, whether you play it live in front of a demanding audience or in an empty hall hired just for recording purposes... Our credits include classical music recordings to jazz bands to traditional/world music.

Voiceovers / Audio Books

With a list of experienced but not overused voiceover actors, we can provide the best possible recording for your radio commercial, audio book or webcast.