Music Production for Records

We first and foremost love dealing with music. This is why we are here. We offer production guidance, or take over entire projects depending on the artists' needs and capabilities, and we oftentimes perform in these productions ourselves. We prefer our sound to be organic and our aesthetic sits on very high standards, where we respect our customers' varying musical backgrounds, and try to bring out the best of our artists in every single production.

Audio Post-Production

We are very well-known for our attention to detail, and we are always prepared to devote all of it to bring your beloved projects to life. Whether it's a short animation or a long feature-film, we do our best to ensure that your visuals are matched with our high-quality sound designs. If it's not included in our extensive sound-bank, we will find it, and if we can't find it, we will record it, and go all the way to put together the best possible design and push your project a step further.

Music for Theatre

We believe theatre is one of the purest forms of art, and every time we have the pleasure of complementing a theatre production with our music or sound design we do our best to not overpower the stage with sound, but to provide an excellent auditory platform for the actors to step on and do what they do best.

Music for Commercials

We always enjoy producing jingles and commercials. Creating a solid relationship between a client and his or hers clientelle and target audience is based upon a great deal of communication, an underrated but very important skill that we have acquired through the nature of our work. We work with some of the biggest names in the advertising world in Cyprus, and we consistently deliver professional and enjoyable music to accompany many commercial products and services.

Audio Books

We love listening to the spoken word as much as we love reading it. We work with the best voice-over artists to ensure it comes out in hearing with the same passion with which it was written, to capture ones attention with a solid, clear voice, and let the prose do the rest of the work.