Recording/Mixing for Tetraktys Films

We had the pleasure to work with producer/director Stavros Papageorgiou for his latest documentary "I Megali Thea Tis Kiprou". Our job was to record and mix the voiceover as well as mix all the tracks provided to us by the production company. The documentary will be released soon.

Fengaros Music Village

eleven63 proudly sponsored the first Fengaros Music Village that took place at Kato Drys, a beautiful village in Larnaka district.The workshops and lectures run on a daily basis, divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon. Following the ending of all workshops every day, there were free concerts by the Village's instructors and local bands, as well as performances by the Fengaros Music Village students.

The first music village was organised by Louvana Records in collaboration with Music Village Greece.

Vasiliki Anastasiou new EP, released by Louvana Records

Vasiliki Anastasiou, one of the most prominent singer/songwriters in Cyprus, recorded with us her new EP, The Amalgamation Looped. The project, inspired by Vasilikis' appearance at Λευκωσία Loop Festival 2014, consists of 3 songs, 2 covers and one composed by Vasiliki and its performed with only Vasilikis' voice.

Louvana Records released the digital single, as a celebration of the International Record Store Day. Listen to the EP here. Enjoy!


The Zilla Project recordings continue

The Zilla Project is a 4-piece band playing its version of the blues with many allusions to all styles of American music. Their long-awaited debut album will be released sometime in April. We are now in the process of recording the last bits and pieces of the album, which will be then mixed here at eleven63. The band has been performing all over the major cities of Cyprus, in major festivals, big and small clubs and has Nicosia as their home base.

Check them out at their fb page, and be sure to catch one of their live shows.

Sound design for Ted-Ed Instructional Animation

eleven63 in collaboration with Zedem Media produced, recorded and mixed the sound design for Ted-Ed's latest instructional animation video. Most of the sounds were created by our sound designer Mikaela Tsangari from scratch, using musical instruments, kid toys and other unusual objects. Combined with already pre-recorded sounds from our own Sound Effects library, the sound for the instructional animation was then mixed and mastered by Andreas Trachonitis.

A big thank you to Michalis Kalopedis of Zedem Media for giving us the chance to work on this video. Check out the animation here: